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Sainik School Coaching Institute In Udaipur

Top 5 Sainik School  Coaching Institute in Udaipur | Crack Sainik School Coaching  Exam 2019 -20


Top 5 Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur list that we have created comes in the wake of the fact that today, more and more youngsters from different streams like science, history, arts and even engineering, aspire to join the Indian Army to become a Cadet of Sainik School One Must Crack Sainik School Entrance Exam For Sainik School Coaching  in Udaipur  to  join Sainik School Coaching nearby Udaipur. The Sainik School Entrance examination is not only one of the most prestigious in the country, it is also one of the toughest exams you’ll ever take in your life.

Factors that Determine your Success

As it’s one of the country’s top-notch qualifying exam, an aspirant must be equally focussed, determined and have the right guidance to crack it. While the first two qualities are within oneself, the last one, “guidance” can be attained only with the help of experienced and skilled teachers. This is where the role of Sainik School Coaching   Institutes in udaipur comes into play to get admission  in sainik school of jhunjhunu and Chittorgarh Rajasthan.

Choosing the Right Sainik School Coaching In Udaipur

With the increase in popularity of the All India Sainik School Entrance examination (AISSEE), several coaching centres have mushroomed all over the Udaipur or near corridor. Most of these centres claim to make you a Sainik School Coaching  quickly. But, sadly that isn’t the case. Don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks.

Tips to help you choose from the Top 5  Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur

Finding the best centre from the hundreds of ones in Udaipur is a tough task. To help you make the right decision  in selecting one appropriate for your needs from the list of Top 5 Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur, make use of the following guidelines:

  • Always talk to current and old students of the centre before choosing any particular institute. The students will be able to give you a clear picture of what’s happening inside the centre.
  • Look at the past few years results. A good institute must be consistent with its performance over the years.
  • Some institutes have an excellent teacher for a particular subject but don’t focus on other subjects. That shouldn’t be the case. So, check out the credentials of all teachers before you sign up.
  • Check out if the institute updates their study material frequently. The AISSEE All Indian Sainik School Entrance Exam makes revisions to the syllabus and pattern very often and it’s essential for the institute to keep themselves updates if they want their students to perform well.
  • Check if the institute is located in a locality that is convenient for you. Also, look for the availability of cheap student accommodation and public transport near the institute.
  • Look beyond the brand name. Some institutes have built a name for themselves in the past but sadly don’t live up to it. So, check if the centre is still relevant before enrolling.
  • The last but important factor to consider is the cost. Some institutes charge sky-high prices but aren’t worth it. So, always compare the prices charged by different institutes before you select the one that works for you.
  • List of Top 5 Sainik School Coaching Coachings in Udaipur
  • To help you in choosing the right institute in Udaipur, you can discover a rundown list of the Top 5 Sainik School Coaching Institutes in Udaipur as per our research.
  • First Rankfor Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur goes to:


Royal Defence Academy Sainik School Coaching Study Circle

Online Coaching Udaipur

The pioneer institute in Sainik School Coaching was incepted in 2006  by R.S.Rathore. It is the best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur from the time of its establishment. Royal Defence Academy imparts extensive coaching and assistance for Sainik School Admission Coaching , Sainik School Entrance Coaching and interview. They are said to have a robust team of academics and research scholars wing to help their students in respect of study material which in any exam is deciding factor for students. Their research team is said to be available to each student to discuss their problems. And on top it all they seem to the best student-teacher ratio. Royal Defence Academy  asserts they don’t admit more than 50 students whereas some other leading institutes admit up to 100 students in a single batch.  These unique facts seem to be working behind a high rate of success of their institute.

All that you want to know about Royal Defence Academy  Sainik School Coaching  Udaipur, (online Coaching )


General Studies (Integrated) Program School + Hostel + Coaching – Rs 1,00,000/-
Optional Sainik School Entrance Coaching Only For Main Exam –  Rs 3000/- per month

Batch Size

Maximum 15  students in a batch
This is the Key for their high success rate in sainik school entrance exam

Optional Courses Specialization

Specialized Courses for sainik school admission class 6 & 9

1.      Crash Course

2.      Test Serious

3.      Short Term Course 2 Months

Demo Classes

Check their facilities over their Channel

Sainik School Coaching   Faculties

WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of Sainik School Coaching   Aspirants studying in their institutes

Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test Series

WAC Grading: 10/10
Through our Expert team of Sainik School Coaching Institute Graduates

Guest Sessions

Regular Motivating Session from past Royal Defence Academy Jaipur Sainik School Coaching  Alumni

Doubt Sessions

Strong One-o-one Mentoring


Situated at the heart of the City. Well connected with all public transport service

Hostel & PG Facilities

Good Network | Rely on them

Library Facility

Yes, they have their own in-house Library Facilities

Recent Toppers

20  in top 100 in AISSEE 2018-19

Admission Procedure:-

To provide quick and easy enrolment procedure to all the students who desire to study from this esteemed Sainik School Coaching center In Udaipur, Royal Defence Academy  take admissions through the online mode which eases out the tension and chaos of the students. Being the pioneer institute for Sainik School Coaching In Udaipur ( online Coaching ) , there are many students who want to get enrolled. So if you want to be a part of Royal Defence Academy , then you have to be well accustomed with its online admission process. For more details click here

Coaching Schedule:- 

RDA Regular Batch (21 June 2019) Duration 9 months| Classes – 4 hours / Day 5 to 6 times a week
RDA Weekend Batch (22 June 2019) Duration 14 months| Classes Sat 4 hours (3 PM to 7:30 PM) Sun 8 hours (9 PM to 6:30 PM) 
RDA Optional Batch (21 June 2019) Duration 4-5 months | Classes – 2 hours /Day 5 to 6 times a week

Contact Details:-

Royal Defence Academy  Sainik School Coaching  (Udaipur Branch online Coaching )

Udaipur –

Telephone No:- 8769422006 
Email Id: – [email protected] 


Second Rank for Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur goes to:

Fast Track

As per WAC surveys, we found that Fast Track  is the best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur in Teaching Methodology. We recommend them more than any other because they are not following the old methods of teaching like most others and focus on the demands of the exam and the needs of the aspirants.

Success Graph:

In AISSEE Sainik School Entrance exam 2017-18; 50+ Fast Track  students were selected out of a total of 100 seats. 6 in the top 20 Sainik School  toppers are Fast Track  students:   1. Sachin Jat | 2. Ashok Jain | 3. Ashima Agarwal | 4.  Nirmal Jain | 5. Raju | 6. Abhinav | 7.: Abhijeet Verma

They are the only ones offering:

  • Personal Mentors
  • Annual study plan
  • Recorded classes
  • Customised course options – to suit individual learning needs

They have experienced faculty, great infrastructure, integrated School studies and sainik school entrance exam  testing, and a full-fledged library with internet access. Fast Track believes that it’s most important to provide the best guidance to the aspirants students and simplify their journey with a personalised study environment. They are defining a new pattern of learning based on personal attention and planning to help conquer the evolving challenges of the exam. This makes Fast Track  one of the best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur in online Teaching Methodology according to us. Fast Track  has also been conferred as India’s best Sainik School Coaching Institute for consecutive three years since 2009  by Indian Education Awards and also by other prominent media surveys.

Admission Procedure: 


  • Online coaching Udaipur Rajasthan
  • Online coaching for Class 6 Udaipur Rajasthan
  • Online coaching for class 9 Udaipur Rajasthan
  • Online coaching for sainik school entrance exam in Udaipur Rajasthan
  • Online coaching Center in Udaipur Rajasthan

Contact Details:

Fast Track  Sainik School Coaching Academy (online Across Udaipur)

Third Rank for Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur goes to:


 Target  was founded way back in the year 2006 by by Abhisek, this institute has a strong reputation and goodwill to its credit. This institute provides coaching for all three Exams . Almost 50 students enroll in this institute every year due to its highly qualified team of faculty members. Its growing popularity has made the institute also set up a correspondence center which provides distance learning coaching as well.

Courses Offered:

Target  offers intensive coaching on all subjects which are part of the Sainik School Entrance . The range of subjects offered here includes English , G.k . Intelligence (I.Q) , Mathematics for class 6 entrance exam for 9 class sainik school entrance exam all subjects covered.

Admission Procedure:

Owing to overwhelming response from Sainik School Coaching aspirants of Udaipur and every year and taking into consideration convenience of the students, this institute has introduced an online registration process which is simple and hassle free. Admission to this institute is given on first come first serve basis, hence students are expected to keep a check on when the online process starts.

Coaching Schedule

This institute has started two different sessions of the coaching programmes, one from June while the other from August respectively.

Contact Details:


Station Road Udaipur

Tel: 085946253 



Fourth Rank for Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur goes to:

Classic Sainik School Coaching  Academy

Classic Sainik School Coaching   Academy has been successfully training Sainik School Coaching   Aspirants for more than a decade. The Academy has been helping the students achieve their dreams by providing training in english medium. The course curriculums are well drafted to make it in adherence to Sainik School Entrance  standards and catering to Prelims, Mains and interview guidance. Regular Conduction of workshops and seminars help in giving their students a boost in their preparations. Their curriculums are constantly reviewed and revised to keep it updated with the current exam patterns. The Academy focus on Participatory and interactive learning with the help of faculty members that believe in creating an atmosphere that is conductive to all-encompassing teaching.  Classic Sainik School Coaching   Academy also boasts of faculty team that includes researchers, professors and other dynamic individuals with excellent achievements. Each of the classroom training is structured in a manner to monitor individual growth. Enquire now to understand why you should opt for this institute.

Contact Details:

Classic Sainik School Coaching  Academy (Udaipur Centre)

Address New Bagh, Udaipur-

Classic Sainik School Coaching Academy (South Udaipur Centre):



Fifth Rank for Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur goes to:

Chahal Academy

Led by their Director, Mr. Rupesh Chahal, Chahal Academy today attracts some of the finest educators from premier universities and research institutions. Many of their faculty members are drawn from Udaipur University and renowned institutions and all those who haveSainik School Entrance  exposure and faced interview two or three times. The faculty offers deep insights into the subject.

They have developed unique teaching methodologies focused on a lucid explanation of key concepts and developing an analytical understanding of the topics taught by them. They also provide special classes that mainly focus on solving problems by applying shortcut methods to enhance the time-management skills while appearing for the examination.

They have come up with the concept of refresher classes to strengthen the fundamentals concepts of the students studying there. They cover the entire course with due diligence to give the students the conceptual clarity over the subjects.

Over the years, they have produced many top-rankers and the graph is increasing year by year.

Contact Details:-

Chahal Academy (Udaipur)

Address: Udaipur

Best Sainik School Coaching in Udaipur

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