Rashtriya Military School Entrance Coaching Class Ferozepur Cantt,  फिरोजपुर

 फिरोजपुर में राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री एडमिशन कोचिंग फिरोजपुर, राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल कोचिंग राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूलों में एडमिशन की तैयारी हम फिरोजपुर में करा रहे हैं | फिरोजपुर में कोचिंग प्रदान करते है, ताकि हम रक्षा कर्मियों और फिरोजपुर के नागरिकों के वार्डों / बच्चों के सपनो को पूरा करने के लिए, हम फिरोजपुर में कक्षा कोचिंग प्रदान करते हैं| जैसा कि फिरोजपुर के बहुत सारे बच्चों / छात्रों का सपना हे सेना में अधिकारी बनने का, फिरोजपुर - हम भी फिरोजपुर और फिरोजपुर के आस पास के बच्चों को राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल प्रवेश परीक्षा के लिए तैयार कराते हैं|हमारी अकादमी फिरोजपुर में अतिरिक्त कोचिंग कक्षाओं के साथ बोर्डिंग स्कूल प्रदान करती हे, हमारे फिरोजपुर इंस्टिट्यूट में राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल प्रवेश परीक्षा कोचिंग के लिए एडमिशन दिए जा रहे हैं| फिरोजपुर के हमारे सेण्टर / केंद्र में शामिल होने के लिए आप को प्रवेश परीक्षा देनी होती ह, इस प्रवेश परीक्षा के माधयम से प्रतियोगिता कक्षाएं प्रदान करने के लिए बच्चों का सिलेक्शन किया जाता ह :- राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल प्रवेश परीक्षा कोचिंग फिरोजपुर | राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल प्रवेश परीक्षा कोचिंग फिरोजपुर में राष्ट्रीय सैन्य स्कूल प्रवेश कोचिंग फिरोजपुर | अकादमी छात्रों को 20 साल से राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल में एडमिशन / प्रवेश कोचिंग की तैयारी करा रही है। यह बहुत ही अनुभवी और कुशल संकाय अद्यापकों द्वारा करवाई जाती हे| फिरोजपुर कोचिंग इंस्टिट्यूट सबसे अनुभवी संस्थान में से एक है। विशेषज्ञों और पूर्व-रक्षा अधिकारियों का पैनल इन छात्रों की सफलता के प्रति इंस्टिट्यूट को अधिक प्रतिबद्ध बनाता है। अपनी सफलता के सफर में आप सभी का स्वागत है। राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री विद्यालय फिरोजपुर कोचिंग संस्थान राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल एडमिशन फॉर्म फिरोजपुर, राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल रिजल्ट आयु सीमा, अनिवार्य योग्यताएं, संयुक्त प्रवेश परीक्षा (सीईटी) एडमिट कार्ड, राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल रिजल्ट, क्वेश्चन पेपर और आवेदन कैसे करें, से संबंधित सभी प्रकार की जानकारी दी जाती है | फिरोजपुर मिलिट्री स्कूल एडमिशन: अकादमिक सत्र राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल कामन प्रवेश परीक्षा राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल संयुक्त प्रवेश परीक्षा का मोड राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल कामन प्रवेश परीक्षा ऑफलाइन/ओएमआर आधारित होगी. सभी प्रश्न बहुविकल्पीय प्रकार के होंगें. राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल प्रवेश परीक्षा सीइटी सीइटी प्रवेश परीक्षा कोचिंग फिरोजपुर Rashtriya military school entrance coaching class Ferozepur Cantt Rashtriya military school entrance coaching class Ferozepur Cantt, Rashtriya military school entrance coaching class in Ferozepur Cantt We started coaching for rashtriya military school at Ferozepur Cantt so that we provide coaching classes to wards of defence personnel & civilians in Ferozepur Cantt, As lots of students of Ferozepur Cantt have dream to become army officer from childhood so they join our center in Ferozepur Cantt for Rashtriya military school entrance exam coaching in Ferozepur Cantt, #rashtriyamilitaryschoolentrancecoachingclass6 Ferozepur Cantt, #rashtriyamilitaryschoolentrancecoachingclasses Ferozepur Cantt

Address: Rashtriya Military School Entrance Coaching Class Ferozepur Cantt, राष्ट्रीय मिलिट्री स्कूल एंट्रेंस कोचिंग फिरोजपुर सैनिक स्कूल प्रवेश फिरोजपुर सैनिक स्कूल प्रवेश कोचिंग फिरोजपुर
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Sainik School Entrance Preparation Coaching In Ferozepur Cantt

Make your future in Defence Services with the Best Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt

Sainik Schools are renowned English medium residential schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE.) Sainik Schools run to prepare cadets to join the National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla (Pune), Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and other officer training institutions. Today, there are a total of 31 Sainik Schools established across the country. The primary objective of the Sainik School is to prepare the students to lead a life as army officers in the Defence Services of the country. They tend to start training students for the armed forces at an early age where it is easy to grasp the disciplinary ways and knowledge. The Sainik schools select intelligent, active and promising students through a national entrance examination and mold their character to become leaders of the Nation. If you are an ambitious candidate who wishes to join the army or is willing to send your kids for proper training, you can opt for Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt to attain the right expertise and skills to appear in the national entrance exam for admission in one of the 31 Sainik schools. sainik school entrance exam coaching institutes brings to you 7 institutes offering Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt  that provide quality training and vocation, thus ensuring a brighter future for you in armed forces.

Why choose Sainik School Entrance Exam Coaching Institute ?

With Sainik School Entrance Exam Coaching Institute, you can choose from 20 verified Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt, based on your location, and other preferences. Fill up the form by selecting the school entrance exam you need coaching for and our experts team of school hostel and coaching centers institutes will get back to you in no time. Additionally, you can evaluate and compare different institutes offering Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt  to ensure you make a perfect choice that matches your requirements. 

Eligibility criterion for opting for Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt 

The following Girls & boys students are eligible for taking Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt.

  • Age Limit for : Class 6 on 1 april of academic year  - 10 to 12 years Class 9 - 13 to 15 years
  • Girls & boys candidates are eligible to take admission in Sainik entrance coaching all over India
  • Admission for Girls and boys in Sainik schools are made strictly in order of merit only in classes VI and IX

Significant features of Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt 

Reputed Sainik entrance classes in Ferozepur Cantt  assure the following facilities:

  • Comprehensive Sainik school entrance exam syllabus based on the examination
  • Thorough classroom training given by subject experts and professionals
  • Exhaustive and detailed practice on every topic including Mathematics, Language, and Intelligence for Class VI and Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science for Class IX
  • Regular, full-length mock tests to prepare for the exams

Fill up the simple form above and our professional Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt  will reach you directly.

Sainik Schools in India

There are 28 Sainik schools in India that constantly work towards training kids to become leaders and join the armed forces. The following list of schools showcases the various Sainik schools available in the country.













Andhra Pradesh




West Bengal




Tamil Nadu


Madhya Pradesh










Jammu & Kashmir




Himachal Pradesh

Sujanpur Tira

















Andhra Pradesh



FAQ - Sainik School Entrance Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt  

What do the Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt  charge as the course fee?

Most of the Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt   charge fee close to Rs. 35, 000 depending on the popularity of the institute, duration of the coaching and the experience of the faculty members.

How can I register for the AISSEE?

Follow the following step by step guide to register for AISSEE. 

  • Go to the official website at
  • Click on the link that goes to register for AISSEE after reading all the terms and conditions
  • Complete the registration process by submitting relevant documents as per the terms and conditions
  • Pay the application fee
  • Once, registered, you will get notifications for the exam along with all the essential details on the registered number and email id

So, get started today and enroll yourself with professional Sainik entrance coaching in Ferozepur Cantt through sainik school entrance exam admission preparation coaching institutes centers


Address: FAQ
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Sainik School Coaching In Ferozepur Cantt

Sainik School Admission Coaching Classes Ferozepur Cantt

Royal Defence Coaching is one of the Best institute for SAINIK SCHOOL COACHING IN INDIA.

Important Dates For Sainik School Entarnce Exam:

  • Sale of Prospectus/AdmissionForm: 05-Aug-2019.
  • Last date for Receipt of Application: 31-oct-2019.
  • Date of Entrance Exam: 05th January 2020(First Sunday of January)
  • Contact number 8769422006


    ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY  offers SAINIK SCHOOL Coaching in  Ferozepur CanttROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY is the prevalent establishment in the Ferozepur Cantt for  SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam. It is surely famous for its selective class management classes and productive  SAINIK SCHOOL coaching institute in Ferozepur Cantt. 

    The faculty at ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY - is highly qualified and vastly experienced in successfully coaching students for ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam.

    ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY is known as leading institute for preparation of ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt. We at ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY provide coaching for ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam from the past 7 years. The ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam Coaching Center in Ferozepur Cantt,

    Fresh batches for ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam are going to start. ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY Coaching Institute is the only well known coaching institute in  Ferozepur Cantt that provides coaching for ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam. At ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY Coaching Institute, we constantly strive to improve our teaching methodology, study material and classroom assignments. The Course Methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes that we notice in the pattern of the examination. 

    ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY is a professionally managed and organized ALL INDIA SAINIK SCHOOL Entrance Exam coaching centre in Ferozepur Cantt,  offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants in Indian Army.

    ROYAL DEFENCE ACADEMY is the best coaching center for Indian Army Exams.


Address: nearby Ferozepur Cantt
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What Are The Top 5 Sainik School Coaching Institutes In Ferozepur Cantt ?

Top five coaching institutes for sainik school admission in Ferozepur Cantt, which providing classes in Ferozepur Cantt, these coaching institute are

Sainik School Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt 

Top 5 Sainik School Coaching Centers In Ferozepur Cantt With Full Details – AISSEE

This post explores the Top 5 Sainik School Coaching Centers in Ferozepur Cantt with complete details like – fee structure, Sainik School Coaching review, videos, and contact details.  As well all know Sainik School is Tough Examination. So it is Very Important to Join the Best Sainik School Coaching in Your Area. Sainik School provide cadets for Indian Army Service.

Ferozepur Cantt the city in Bihar which is SPSo known as Patliputra. You know what our Ferozepur Cantt is always known to produce many Civil Servants. All big people may it be Ashoka, Lal Bahadir Shastri were from Ferozepur Cantt.

Best Sainik School Coaching Centers In Ferozepur Cantt

Friend, we are known to produce Revolution, the change we want to see in India. This is the Reason, in our city  Ferozepur Cantt many Sainik School Coachings make a place to stand on.

Many of you who are reading this article, often think of moving to Ferozepur Cantt for Sainik School Preparation. You will be thinking, how much time does it take to move to Ferozepur Cantt.

From flight, it takes 1 and hour Journey. Do you know that, if you move to Ferozepur Cantt, for the best preparation of AISSEE examination, you have to pay rent of PGs and Hostel their?

 Is Ferozepur Cantt really good For Sainik School Preparation?

Do you know, Now you have all Preparation facility for Sainik School Entrance exam Ferozepur Cantton at Ferozepur Cantt too. There are many AISSEE aspirants from  Ferozepur Canttand Believe me they have clear AISSEE Examination from this city itself

We can’t Emphasize anymore by saying that Please Stick to the Sainik School Syllabus. Sainik School is a very vast Examination. In the AISSEE Pre Examination which is Optional In nature, You Will Get Questions From History, Geography, General Aptitude, Mathematics, English, Science. Don’t Ignore the Current Affairs for All India Sainik School Entrance examination which comprise more than 10% in the Real Sainik School Entrance Exam.


Sainik School Admission EXAM PATTERN

  • Mains Examination. Mathematics Science English Gk IQ Social Study
  • AISSEE personality Interview Test now clossed


Sainik School Society  conducts All India Sainik School Entrance examination , It is one of the toughest Exam . Most of the students want to get access in this sector for their flourish career and this job SPSo gives you an opportunity to work for your country. This is the most respected job and for your convenience, the best Sainik School coaching centers’ names are mentioned below.

Here Lists Of Best Sainik School Coaching Academy In Ferozepur Cantt

Rank 1. FTC India Ferozepur Cantt

Online Coaching Only

FTC India is a well known Sainik School Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt.  . It’s a very old Institute in AISSEE preparation.It provides only online Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt

This institute was founded in the Year 1992 by Rathore sir. The Best Thing about this Sainik School coaching is, the Faculties of the Institute get Involved with Students Completely.

In the Year 2018 Sainik School Exam, FTC Ferozepur Cantt have Trained More than 70 Students who have Cracked the AISSEE Sainik School Entrance Examination. FTC books are SPSo popular and students can make the most of it. In Ferozepur Cantt, FTC is the Best Sainik School Entrance Coaching Centre for Sainik School Exam Preparation.All Branches of FTC India provide the same AISSEE faculty, same updated Study materiSPS & Test Series.

FTC Sainik School Institute runs its Sainik School classes at Ferozepur Cantt, Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Bengaluru as well. The Study material provided by the institute is very good. If you are Interested in Interactive Sainik School videos, the FTC coaching provides that too.

Contact Details:-

FTC India Ferozepur Cantt


Near Gandhi Maidan, Ferozepur Cantt 800001, Ferozepur Cantt, Bihar 800001

Contact No.

 Online Coaching

Fee structure

 GS – Rs.  1 000 (Including GST)

Batch Size



FTC book, Sainik School Entrance Exam Self-Study Material and Offline or Online Test Series

Teacher Name

Nothing to be shared

Past Result

Ramesh, Arpit, Ajay Get selection in sainik School, Mahes vikas, rohit selected for RMS Rashtriya Military School


FTC India


Email Address:- FTC Ferozepur [email protected]

Rank 2.  SPS Sainik School Entrance Coaching Ferozepur Cantt

This the Best Sainik School coaching Institute in  Ferozepur Cantt, Bihar. They offer quality Sainik School coaching within an affordable fee. They accommodate only 30-40 AISSEE aspirants in a classroom so that students can get the interactive aura.

In Ferozepur Cantt, SPS Sainik School Coaching for Sainik School Entrance Examination Provides the Best Sainik School Faculties and Sainik School Training to the AISSEE Aspirants from Ferozepur Cantt.

SPS Sainik School Coaching at Ferozepur Cantt have good success rate and 4 students got selected in Sainik School exam 2017. Vijay Gautam is the famous faculty that has a vast knowledge of the subject and he SPS offers personal guidance to each and every student.

They SPS offer updated Sainik School study material and Handwritten Notes. This is the Reason, this Institute Holds Rank 2 in the List of Top 10 Sainik School Coaching Centers in Ferozepur Cantt.

Contact Details

SPS Sainik School Ferozepur Cantt Online Coaching Only


Ferozepur Cantt, Bihar 800001

Contact No.

Online Coaching

Fee structure

1 year: – Rs. 500, 2 year: – Rs.1, 41, 600, 3 year: – Rs.1, 88, 800

Batch Size



Study Material, Test Series Offline, Online

Teachers Name

Sachin Arora(Maths),   Vijay Gautam, Stiffen Sir

Past Result


Email ID

SPSSainik School . Ferozepur [email protected]


Read:-Top 10 Sainik School Coaching Institutes in Ferozepur Cantt – AISSEE Topper Strategy


Rank 3 TARGET Sainik School Entrance Exam ACADEMY Ferozepur Cantt

Simply don’t give the second thought. Targets Sainik School Academy in Ferozepur Cantt for Online Sainik School Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt It is one of the best Sainik School coaching in Ferozepur Cantt. This institute is on number 1 in the list of top best coaching’s for Sainik School in Ferozepur Cantt. They provide study material, Test Series and Magazine to their aspirants.

This Academy provides complete solutions for all three stages, Mains and Interview & Medical . But not only this they help their students to practice new strategies more frequently and at a faster pace, through them students can acquire long term retention of knowledge and experience along with skills,  leadership support, instructional or excellent training session.

This is Targets, after all, they know what an Sainik School aspirant need and they cater them with that top notch facilities.

Contact and Batch Details:-



Ferozepur Cantt 13, Bihar.

Contact No.

Online Classes

Fee structure

Full course for Sainik School admission Coaching fee-   500(monthly), Sainik School Entrance Exam Class IX fee Rs.700

Batch Size



Study Material, Test Series, Magazine, interview

Teachers Name


Past Result

Pankaj Kumar – rank 18, Ravi Anand – rank 27, Pradeep– rank 22


Website :-  TargetsSainik School Ferozepur Cantt.com

Email id :- TargetsSainik School Ferozepur [email protected]

Rank 4 Drishtikon Sainik School

As we all know the nature of AISSEE and for cracking its wall required excellent study materiSPS, strategies, good faculty and excellent test series and no one can get this randomly and that’s why this coaching Drishtikon Sainik School Ferozepur Cantt is built to help those students who really want to serve the nation. They are well known for AISSEE training session,

This year in Sainik School admission exam all the students who took coaching classes from this institute are able to clear this Sainik School Admission entrance exam with the highest scores. 100% result in Sainik School.

Drishtikon Sainik School Ferozepur Cantt Coaching has been Rank 4  in this Top 10 Sainik School Coaching Centers in Ferozepur Cantt with Full Details – AISSEE CSE.

Why one should opt for this Drishtikon Sainik School Coaching Ferozepur Cantt?

  • Library with relevant books,
  • Newspaper sessions for building a strong current affairs base,
  • Hostel facilities,
  • Magazine and newspaper classes,
  • Remarkable Mock Test,
  • Weekend classes,
  • Boarding facilities,
  • Smart class (online), and many more.

Contact Details:-

Drishtikon Sainik School Ferozepur Cantt Coaching Center


Ashok Rajpath Rd, Ferozepur Cantt, Bihar 800004

Contact Number

 Online Coaching

Fee structure

 Rs 800

Batch Size



Notes, Online and Offline test series

Teacher Name

The team of Drishtikon Sainik School Entrance Coaching Ferozepur Cantt not shared

Past Result

10 student qualified for mains sainik school Entrance exam Class VI & Class IX

 https://www.edutitan.com/ Ferozepur Cantt/sainik-school-entrance-coaching-centers

Rank 5. Vijay Sainik School Academy Ferozepur Cantt

In the List of  Top Sainik School coaching in Ferozepur Cantt, Vijay Hold Rank 4. The Institute is top Class Sainik School faculty.

Many people Like this Coaching because it has a Major Presence in Delhi as well.

They do not overpopulate the batch and keep strength up to  50 or 60. Above three students of this institute have cleared Sainik School 2017 in all India branch.

The teacher’s notes and study material that they provide are quite helpful for students.

Faculties at Vijay Sainik School   Patana are  experienced. Since years the institute has made many Sainik School Cadets . This is the Reason we have ranked Vijay Sainik School Institute in Ferozepur Cantt is Rank 4, in the List of top Sainik School Entrance Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt.

Contact and Batch Details:-

Vijay Sainik School Academy


Buddha Colony, Ferozepur Cantt, Bihar 800001

Contact Number

Sainik School Online Coaching Ferozepur Cantt

Fee structure

Rs. 2, 000 for 1 yr

Batch Size



Study Material, Offline Test Series

Teachers Name

Mathematics Ravi English Bagra Sir

Past Result

Prakash Yadav (Rank 4th), Virbhan (Rank 6th), Ayush Sharma (Rank 7th) in 2018


Vijay Sainik School Academy


Email id :-  [email protected] School academy.com.


Address: Which are the top 5 Sainik School coaching centers Ferozepur Cantt ?
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How Can I Prepare My Son From Ferozepur Cantt For Sainik School’s Entrance Exam? My Son Is An Average Student. I Am From Ferozepur Cantt

How Can I Prepare My Son From Ferozepur Cantt For Sainik School’s Entrance Exam? My Son Is An Average Student. I Am From Ferozepur Cantt

 Steps to Crack the Sainik School Entrance Exam in Ferozepur Cantt :-

  • Know Sainik School Syllabus.
  • Read Best books for Sainik School Entrance Exam.
  • Start with in Ferozepur Cantt
  • Stage 1  Prepare for Sainik School Entrance Examination (also known as AISSEE).
  • Then move on to 
  •  Stage 2 Practise on OMR Sheet for Sainik School Entrance  Examination (OMR Sheet) which is Comprised of 4 Papers for Class VI and 5 Papers for Class IX .
  • Must Go through the Previous Year Sainik School Entrance Exam Question papers Also Provided by Sainik School Coaching Institutes in Ferozepur Cantt
  • Do follow the Preparation Strategy Given by the Coaching Institute you Join or your own Subject Wise Sainik School Entrance Exam Strategy.

           Provide COACHING CLASSES for 3- 4 hours in Ferozepur Cantt if institute in Ferozepur Cantt are              

            not available than get tutor help in Ferozepur Cantt

                 Find out Best :-

           Sainik School Entrance Coaching in Ferozepur Cantt


Address: Ferozepur Cantt
How Can I Prepare My Son From Ferozepur Cantt For Sainik School’s Entrance Exam? My Son Is An Average Student. I Am From Ferozepur Cantt 1
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How To Prepare My Son For Sainik School's Entrance Exam ?
Join coaching institute in your locality Ferozepur Cantt for entrance exam preparation or you may get help from expertise in Ferozepur Cantt for guideline how to crack sainik school entrance exam and get admission in class 6 or class 9
Address: Join coaching institute in Ferozepur Cantt
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